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  • Product sale

    Product sale

    Shampoo selling manufactured by us especially for washing carpets and furniture. Revive colors, softens the fibers and dries quickly.

  • Donald Clean Maintenance

    Donald Clean Maintenance

    Donald Maintenance Clean. Total office cleaning contract.

  • Carpet colocation

    Carpet colocation

    Placement of carpets.

  • Protector application

    Protector application

    Protective-in furniture, carpets and rugs.

  • General cleaning

    General cleaning

    General cleaning your house: bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

  • Glass & chandelier cleaning

    Glass & chandelier cleaning

    Cleaning and stain removal of glass and chandeliers at home.

  • Floor cleaning – marble polishing

    Floor cleaning – marble polishing

    Marble polishing and cleaning of vinyl tile.

  • Automobile cleaning

    Automobile cleaning

    Car interior cleaning: clothing, tarpaulin, mats, etc.

  • Carpet cleaning

    Carpet cleaning

    Rug cleaning in our plant using shampoo with special system for Eastern, Persian and Chinese. Restoration in general and new…

  • Curtains cleaning

    Curtains cleaning

    New cleaning system placed curtains at home.

  • Furniture cleaning

    Furniture cleaning

    Furniture cleaning using the right system for your cloths.